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Rounds, how-to


soon to follow my easy peasy rounds tutorial. Most difficult skill for newbies I find.


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Just looking at my reader stuff–this caught my eye:

Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin

followed by this video.

I heard the whisperings of the exercise myth but this was an interesting article followed up by a gander at the normal eating blog.

Finished with my first student of the year–delightful, enthusiastic–will possible be interested in a position when she  graduates.  We’ll see.  I have a new student next week. Hopefully I’m not spoiled by my first.  It’s a challenge teaching since I tend to embrace the didactic early then go with my experience in the end.  Being challenged nightly by students does keep me on my toes.

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Space photos, chew toys

Here’s my favorite for 200 feeds yesterday:

AMAZING SPACE PHOTO–you can do it too, with $10,000 and a dream.



So the puppy prefers “strange”, the multitude of available chew toys tempt him not!  He looks for the forbidden.  Did I mention again how tedious training a new puppy is??? thank god he’s cute.

Albumin WARS

our blood bank is pulling our bedside albumin stores– I’ve been resuscitating with crystaloid anyway, so I really don’t care.  Some of our surgeons prefer it.  1000’s of articles later, they still want the expensive, difficult to run in, not superior albumin.

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H1N1–pandemoniom, pandemic

I’ve never had a flu shot, but I might breakdown this year. We are in the process of expanding ICU beds this fall. We should probably focus on a quick turnaround unit for triage and transfer to an “flu” unit. Scary stuff.  Let’s hope they can come up with enough vaccine for all who may need it.

My green moment– another ride to work! Just like David Byrne.

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Well all these years I have used a subclavian approach for central access, femoral in pinch. We started using a site rite but I never got the hang of it. I have been muy jealous of peers that can slap an IJ in with ease. Finally with a mini tutorial from MA and confirmation with this slide show, I think I’ve got it!!!!

Or in the fun and games department, what not to wear!!

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