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One of my ideas for general wellbeing was attempting to eat locally grown meat.  Though some would dismiss the rants against feed lots (why???) it just grossed me out to the point I have given up my beloved TacoBell crunchy tacos.  Imagine my surprise at reading this poorly argued essay about locally grown food.  Hmmmm.  I have been eating beef from that I bought at Urban Oaks, and I have to say it does taste better.  Just as my husband swears by cable interconnects making sound better, so does the local farmer make better meat!  They get their supplies from Cedar Meadow Farms.

I was swept up in the iphone craze and left the better coverage of Verizon for ATT.  I hate ATT, love the iphone.  I am trying to figure out how to dump ATT for a chrome phone that works on Verizon network.  My wait may be over soon! Check out my favorite feed from yesterday:

Google, Openness Triumph!!


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H1N1–pandemoniom, pandemic

I’ve never had a flu shot, but I might breakdown this year. We are in the process of expanding ICU beds this fall. We should probably focus on a quick turnaround unit for triage and transfer to an “flu” unit. Scary stuff.  Let’s hope they can come up with enough vaccine for all who may need it.

My green moment– another ride to work! Just like David Byrne.

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Green Project of the day.

here’s my daily green tip. plus composting without bins, icckkk.

Juice or soda bottle

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