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Just looking at my reader stuff–this caught my eye:

Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin

followed by this video.

I heard the whisperings of the exercise myth but this was an interesting article followed up by a gander at the normal eating blog.

Finished with my first student of the year–delightful, enthusiastic–will possible be interested in a position when she  graduates.  We’ll see.  I have a new student next week. Hopefully I’m not spoiled by my first.  It’s a challenge teaching since I tend to embrace the didactic early then go with my experience in the end.  Being challenged nightly by students does keep me on my toes.


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A totally crappy night at work.  They were all alive but still broken when I left.

What to cheer me up??? My daily dose of Go Fug Yourself and this little item from Slate.

What is up with the new emphasis on a fat tax?  Fat people know they are fat, leave them alone until

medical science spends as much on obesity research and treatment as they do on keeping 800 year old folks alive.



Chloe Sevigny at the Emmys (not in need of a fat tax!)

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