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A New Year

My new year’s package included new running shoes and stuff from REI. I am giving the Cool Runnings C25K program a try. I am in my 2nd week. Next up kickboxing and yoga!


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So with my usual reserve, I waited about 3 hours to go on line and order my droid. I LOVE it. Partly because I am not a huge fan of Itunes/apple dominance and I was just really curious. So it came and there are a few glitches to work out but overall I am very happy with it. It has the same functionality as my iphone, not quite the ease of use but over all i prefer it.

The mystery phone fix aside!


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I can’t figure out the embed so here’s the link to the video at the Washington Post.


And on a lighter note:

This is for my beleaguered kids:


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my droid fever is unquenchable–here’s a comparison article.

This from CNET

and this: DROID

Cover your nose with a tissue when sneezing or coughing. Visit www.cdc.gov/h1n1 for more information.

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Seriously ask the man on the street. Who can afford thousands of dollars on medication a month on a fixed income. Who would willingly bankrupt themselves in their later years for months of painful, futile care administered by weak-willed healthcare providers? Honest discourse NOW!

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It’s coming to my Verizon soon!!!

And my day off project:
Apple Cider Doughnuts

though here’s what my hubby whipped up this afternoon:

World famous intergalactic cookies

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Dizzy and fun!

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